Conference 2015 Report


MICN 2015 – God Moved Us…

With over 90 participants representing 30 international churches and 16 organizations from 23 countries and 12 nationalities, MICN 2015 has left a lasting impact on all present. Our keynote speaker, Rwandan pastor Joseph Nyamutera, shared from his deep and personal experience from the days of genocide to the days of reconciliation. As IC pastors, it left us with the hope that, if reconciliation is possible in Rwanda, it certainly is possible in our own context. In fact we were deeply aware that many of us in the IC are placed by God in the middle of great conflicts and He is the one who has called us and our churches to be agents of reconciliation.

This year, three workgroups collaborated on practical projects to share their learning with you, our constituents around the world. One group wrote, designed and published a 4-page newsletter summarizing Joseph’s story and lessons learned. Please feel free to reprint and distribute this in your church. Another group worked on a suggested outline for a 6-week sermon series on reconciliation. The third group created a presentation with a proposed strategy for international churches for healthy reconciliation. You can download these resources and our conference booklet here:

With the increased attendance, the MICN team doubled up on elective sessions and tour options. From healthy marriage to global diaspora, from starting ICs to leadership development, from personal reconciliation to multi-site challenges, the electives offered much in learning and dialogue. Not all was serious and strategic: fun could be had at the zoo, the grand palace, during the river cruise, and on top of the Baiyoke Tower.

As we left to return home, God moved among us and our hearts were filled with new hope and encouragement. We stood and thanked God that he had invited us… and even some times pushed us into the world of scattered peoples. Like he sent Jesus, he invited us to join him as a sent one, scattered across his world bringing in his harvest. We stood and sang with gratitude for the way our Savior has and will continue to lead us around his world. Then we prayed with and for each other and said farewell till we would be together next year in Hong Kong.

Last, but not least, the conference was a great success due to the on-the-ground support of our host church, the Evangelical Church of Bangkok (ECB). Senior Pastor David King, Executive Pastor Mark Patterson, and church staff Khun Sang, alongside many others, did a phenomenal job in all the details and arrangements. Many thanks go out to them for their generosity in time and financial support, as well as to many others who made MICN 2015 possible.

Jacob Bloemberg

Conference Coordinator

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