Spotlight English Clubs: A miraculous instrument for your church

“I believe Spotlight has been one of the most miraculous instruments in God’s hands to transform this church…and I believe, on a global scale, English has as much potential as any human instrument in His hands right now!”

Len Kinzel of the English Fellowship Church in Quito, Ecuador knows how life-changing Spotlight English Clubs can be. The English Fellowship Church was the founding member of these clubs in 2003. What began as an idea of how to connect new believers to the church has become a fruitful world-wide ministry.

Imagine yourself desperate to learn to speak English well enough to get a better job or continue your education. You have studied the grammar and know a lot of words, but you need to practice speaking it with someone. Where can you go to do that? Christian English speakers everywhere have an open door to become friends with people just like this. A willing heart and the simplicity of Spotlight English Clubs can help learners attain their goal while relationships grow and the love of Jesus becomes apparent.

Missional people from your church can easily reach out to those desiring to practice speaking English both locally in face to face clubs and worldwide in a small group over Skype. Simply apply to the Spotlight website ( from anywhere in the world to become equipped with the free and easy tools available.

Pastor Jacob Bloemberg of the Hanoi International Fellowship in Vietnam testifies that “Spotlight provides an excellent opportunity as an outreach in the city and host country. It is an excellent tool to connect IC members with people who are interested in learning English. Because it is conversational, values based, without the need of teaching experience, and with the web-based support, any person in your church can start a Spotlight English Club.”

Pastor David R. King’s church, the Evangelical Church of Bangkok, runs multiple local Spotlight Clubs. He also explains why both local and Skype clubs are ways to build congregational support and enthusiasm: “Spotlight English Clubs is a road-tested tool for reaching the felt need of language acquisition while addressing the real need of a Savior.  The relationality of the ministry lends itself well to bridging language-learning and Jesus.  For the local church, there are two main advantages: invite Spotlight into the mission matrix of the Church and let them draw people in all on their own.  Better yet, let your congregation be a resource partner so that congregants who participate have a user-friendly and hands-on mission experience that will light the fire in their hearts for the lost and needy pre-Christian world.  I commend Spotlight English Clubs to you with greatest enthusiasm.”

To find out more about ministry with Spotlight English Clubs please contact us at: or visit the website at

If you are attending MICN in Bangkok this April please stop by the Spotlight English Club table.

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